Typical Missions

SFMC Typical Missions

The smallest unit is a Platoon of 24 men, including 3 officers. Each unit will have its own flight crew who are also SFMC trained pilots. The entire unit will generally come under the command of the starbase or starship it is assigned to unless it has specific orders from Starfleet Intelligence or SFMC Headquarters. However because flexibility is the watchword, units can have any number of men but the officers are generally the only ones placed in lone assignments. The NCO's are mainly always in units.

Typical Missions include, but are not limited to:

* Starship Boarding actions (in hostile territory e.g. without a Starship for backup)
* Pre-assault sabotage (disturbing enemy communications, supplies, shields)
* Guerrilla actions.
* Reconnaissance.
* Insertions/Extractions.
* Military support for Starfleet Intelligence missions if required.
* Generally the very practical side of covert operations.

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