T Lara

Lieutenant T'Lara
Basic Information:
Name: T'Lara
Race: T'Khasi (Vulcan)
Gender: Female
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 50 kgs
Hair: Deep chocolate brown
Eyes: Brown
Date Of Birth: November 11, 2307
Age: 78
Place of Birth: T'Khasi

Interests and Skills: archery, stealth, gymnastics, kickboxing & martial arts (Vulcan and offworld), navigation, self-sufficency, cooking, piloting, linguistics, astronomical sciences, mountain climbing, puzzles, kal-tow, various musical instruments (Vulcan harp, Terran violin), various navigational instruments
Languages: Iyi-Gotavu-Vuhlkansu(Modern Standard Vulcan), Ba-Gol-Vuhlkansu(Traditional Golic/High Vulcan), Iyi-Gol-Vuhlkansu (Modern Golic Vulcan), Nuktru-Gol-Vuhlkanik (Lowlands Golic Vulcan), Federation Standard, Rihannsu, Gorn, Andorian, Orion, Tellarite, Klingon, Bajoran, Ferengi, Jem'Hdar
- Emotion and Control Training
- Vulcan basic schooling
- Vulcan High Command Academy graduate - helm & navigation, Astrosciences
Federation Record:
Service Record:
Year Rank Posting Position
2327 to 2331 Trainee High Command Academy Flight Control Trainee
2331 to 2332
Federation HQ,
San Fransisco Shuttle Pilot for Vulcan Consulate/
Ambassadorial Assistant
2333 to 2340
Vulcan Command Cruiser
M'ita Flight Control Officer/
Astronomical Scientist
2340 to 2361
Vulcan Command Cruiser
M'ita Assistant Chief
Flight Control Officer/
Astronomical Scientist
2361 to 2362
Secret Location Mission Training
2362 to 2368
Unknown Locations Captive/Slave
2368 to 2385
Vulcan Science Cruiser
T'Pol Assistant Chief
Flight Control Officer/
Astronomical Scientist
USS Majestic Chief Flight Control Officer/
Astronomical Scientist
- pilot wings
- senior pilot wings

T'Lara was born into a Vulcan family with a long history of political and military service that was as close to nobility as possible for Vulcans. Her early life was spent in T'Khasia, the capital city of Vulcan.
Development of a Vulcan's life of logic begins at a young age. Vulcan parents will utilize learning tools, such as pleenoks, to train their infants in primary logic.
As a young child, her father took her out into the wilderness and showed her how to tame and befriend her own pet, a sehlat that was easily three times the size of the young girl.
When she was four, her father and mother were assigned to a Sehlat class science vessel run by the Vulcan Science Academy, the Kameer. Provision was made aboard the ship for her to participate in the standard Vulcan basic schooling system, with which she would spent the first twenty years of her life. As a child, she was also taught how to defend herself and how to use her mental powers by the crew.
As she got older, she befriended one of the scientists aboard ship, a Vulcan woman named N'Pal. They grew quite close, and N'Pal mentored the younger woman in various things, such as science, martial arts, emotional control, and complex mathematics, with T'Lara's parents approval. She would keep in contact with N'Pal.
Vulcans sometimes have mates chosen for them by their parents at the age of seven, which happened with T'Lara to a Vulcan named Stark, who was working towards becoming a diplomat. The mates are joined in a ceremony that linked them telepathically that is "less than a marriage, more than a betrothal".
When Stark and T'Lara came of age and undergoed the pon farr, the link compelled them to follow through with full marital rituals, koon-ut-so'lik, which cemented their relationship, and they spent six months together. However, T'Lara noted that Stark was quite distant and didn't really open up much like she was willing to. She put it down to shyness, as she knew she could be very intimidating and expected it would go away.
After that, she surprised her parents when she applied to join the Vulcan High Command instead of coming back to the Kameer - but not in the preferred family route. Instead, she applied to join in the flight control track, with a complementary track of astronomical science.
After completing her training, her first posting as a Sub-Lieutenant was to Earth, where she spent in the Vulcan Consulate as diplomatic pilot transporting diplomats from orbit or Federation Headquarters to the Consulate & an assistant role to a high-up ambassador, who regularly worked in the Federation Council on behalf of Vulcan. This taught her about Federation politics, and the intrigues that exist, but she stayed pretty much away from the humans as much as she could, showing no interest in learning about them. Her performance was noted as exceeding expectations.
Two years later, she uncovered information that there was a possibility that Stark's loyalties to Vulcan & the Federation were questionable, and reported it to her commanding officers. The Vulcan Security Agency started a covert investigation. It did not take long to unearth that he had been selling Vulcan technology to unauthorized parties, and would be charged with treason. When Stark was finally approached, he attempted to attack then flee. T'Lara took leave from the Consulate to help the Security agency track down her wayward husband.
It was T'Lara herself which eventually caught up & arrested him six months later. He was destined to be placed in a rehabilitation centre back on Vulcan, but took his own life so as not to shame his family further.
T'Lara returned to duty, and found that she was promoted to Lieutenant. In addition, she was to be assigned to one of the Vulcan Command Cruisers, the M'ita, when a replacement could be found. Aboard the M'ita, she continued with her duties along with her interest in the Astronomy department, and was rose to become Assistant Chief Flight Controller. She was given permission to bring a pet sehlat aboard, which she named Kin'to. For the next twenty one years, she continued in her position until an incident that would change her life.
In 2362, the M'ita was tasked with helping the Vulcan Security Agency for an important mission. Intelligence reports had been coming through over a period that the Ferengi Alliance was enroaching into the Federation to run slavery rings. The Security Agency was tasked with a joint secret operation with Starfleet Intelligence & the Federation Marine Rangers to obtain information that could be used to expose the Ferengi in the Federation Council so that Starfleet could crack down on it. T'Lara volunteered to be the pilot for the interception vessel. Her family history and skill in self defense were taken into consideration, and meant her choice was accepted.
T'Lara was taken to a facility where she was taught how to hide her Vulcan nature. While this was difficult and would require her to temporarily react by emotions rather then logic, she was prepared to do what was needed. A year later, she was given the cover of being Romulan, and fly the interception vessel that was setup to be captured by the Ferengi slavers.
The setup worked, and T'Lara and the female intelligence operatives - both SI, FMR and Vulcan Security - were taken as slaves.
For six years, she worked undercover as a sex slave to gain information on the Ferengi slave trade before a joint SI/FMR/Vulcan Security retrieval op pulled them all out. During this time, she was bred and had a half-Vulcan child. However, the little baby was taken away and she has not been able to find out more since. The evidence shamed the Ferengi and their slaving operations ceased overnight, along with many successful raids that had crushed their operations.
T'Lara went back to helm duties, along with a reuniting with her sehlat, aboard the Vulcan Science Academy vessel, T'Pol, until 2385. A new path was opened up to her in her life, and with N'Pal's guidance and sponsorship, she was selected to be stationed aboard a Starfleet vessel, USS Majestic. She was given a rapid integration course of two months to get her up to speed on Starfleet procedures & protocols before the transfer. T'Lara has brought her pet sehlat, Kin'to, along to the Majestic.
Personality Profile:
T'Lara is a typical stoic Vulcan, and follows the beliefs of Surak.
As a Vulcan, she does not joke, but does note that non-Vulcans hold it in value and has seen how it can radically break tension or stress when applied correctly. She would not stand for it in the wrong situations though, and is not always that good at it.
She believes that modesty is just a human pre-conception, and does not have any problem with being seen unclothed. In fact, in her quarters and in private, she does not bother with them.
Others who deal with her have described her as a cold robotic bitch, but sometimes surprises others.
Physical Profile:
From first glance, T'Lara has a gentle, timid and unassuming look to her. However, that is definitly not the case, for she is deadly with martial arts.
Her hair is a deep chocolate brown, and she has a medium-dark skin tone. Some people have suggested that although she is Vulcan, she has a Eurasian look to her.
T'Lara is a very tall woman who keeps herself in very good condition. She does daily exercises and is incredibly agile.
Her choice of dress is simple, and tends towards a mix of simple human & Vulcan fashion when off-duty. She does where lacy garments at times, mainly due to her time on Earth.
Psychological Profile:
T'Lara is a very logical woman who follows everything exactly to the book. However, in situations that are not covered, she chooses logic over any other choice.
Vulcans are known for their high degree of honesty. They are extremely reluctant to tell a lie, and indeed it is said that "Vulcans cannot lie". However, they will do so for what they perceive as logical reasons, though they rarely refer to their dishonesty as "lying" - more like taking advantage of ignorance. T'Lara's opinions on this are much more liberal due to her life, and she has no problems with dishonesty.
Although saying it to her face would just get a response about that being a human emotion which Vulcans do not share, she is very attached to her pet.
Medical Profile:
As normal for Vulcans, T'Lara has green blood based on copper and pointed ears.
Like all Vulcans, T'Lara has greater strength then a comparable human. She can withstand much higher extremes of temperature, humidity and gravity then a human.
Vulcan hearing is very sensitive, which allows her to be very alert. Vulcan females also possess a heightened sense of smell. Vulcans are on average three times physically stronger than humans, and have considerably faster reflexes.
She is a very strict vegetarian, as are most Vulcans. She does not partake of alcoholic beverages either, since imbibing toxic liquids is not logical. When she eats, she uses utensils and does not touch food with bare hands.
Vulcans are natural touch-telepaths. Though considerable training is required to utilize this ability to the fullest (this would be performing the fal-tor-pan), simpler contacts don't require any concentration, training or even conscious knowledge of the act. Stronger minds, such as T'Lara, are capable of non-contact telepathic projection and scanning through training, usually over short distances. Another psionic ability of the Vulcan race is the telepathic suggestion/compulsion.
During her slavery, she became pregnant. She does not know where her child is now or whether it is alive, and has not been able to find out.
Special Notes:
T'Lara is an expert in various martial arts from Vulcan and other worlds. Some of these include Suus Mahna, kareel-ifla, ponn-ifla, kung-fu, aikido, kickboxing and Mui-Thai. She also knows how to use numerous firearms, bladed and blunt weapons. In her quarters, she has a replica of an ancient Vulcan chemical projectile rifle, various Vulcan swords and a quarterstaff from Earth. There is also a number of musical instruments which T'Lara can play expertly - the Vulcan harp and a Terran violin.
T'Lara also collects navigational devices and instruments from many different worlds. Some of her devices from Earth include an English sextant used during the Battle of Trafalgar, an Arabic kamal, an Arabian astrolabe, a Portugese mariner's brass quadrant and a 21st century Terran GPS reciever.
Kin'To is a typical sehlat - which are giant teddy bear-like pets on Vulcan, in that he weighs half a ton and has six inch fangs & claws. Despite the size, Kin'To is quite gentle but has a tendency to get overexcited - sometimes knocking people aside. When he runs, the deck will shake a lot. Normal walking won't do that, but anyone used to pick up sensitive vibrations might feel it. His height is seven foot and he enjoys playing with his owner.
A section of T'Lara's quarters are designated for Kin'To's bed. Kin'To is a mostly carnivorous animal, as are all sehlats, but some vegetable matter is mixed in with his raw meat to give a balanced diet. T'Lara is sure to never be late with his dinner. He enjoys having his tummy rubbed and tickled, and is used to T'Lara walking around without clothes.

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