Stephanie Earlton

Basic Information:

Name: Stephanie Earlton

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8" 173 cm

Weight: 128lb, 58kg

Hair: Red-blonde

Eyes: Blue

DOB: June 13, 2358

Age: 27

POB: Sickbay, USS Mackenzie


Puzzles, technology, technological challenges
Vampire stories, mystery novels, bad horror 'flicks'


English, Klingon, Romulan, Andorian, Orion, with a spattering of many other spacers' languages


Primary Studies, USS Mackenzie, 2362-2367, SS Centauri 2367-2369, USS Cook 2369-2370
Secondary Studies, Starbase 61 2371, SS Centauri 2371-2376, USS Bradbury 2376
Starfleet Academy Correspondence Courses, USS Bradbury, SS Centauri, Starbase 107 2376-2378
Starfleet Academy 2378-2379

Because of her parents' jobs as Starfleet officers, Stephanie was raised a starship brat. This had little affect on her education, with the exception that she only attended three semesters at Starfleet academy on Earth. Based on her performance history, she might have graduated at the top of her academy class, were it not for the many distractions of the unfamiliar planet Earth.


USS Potemkin 2379-2381

USS Cairns 2381-2382

USS Cairns-A 2382-2383

Utopia Planitia, Majestic Project 2383-2385

USS Majestic 2385-Present

Was promoted to Lieutenant after two years of excellent service aboard the Potemkin and was transferred to the USS Cairns. Served with distinction during the Cairns' battle over Romulas

In 2382, was demoted to Lieutenant JG for reckless endangerment of federation personnel and property after an accident while racing workbees with Lieutenant Commander Marc Serynne.

In October of 2383, Earlton was part of a small group of engineers who courageously risked their lives to pilot the USS Cairns-A clear of Starbase 747 before a warp core breach destroyed the ship. Shortly after her Lieutenant rank was reinstated and she was assigned the position of construction chief engineer of the USS Majestic. She insisted on being assigned to the Majestic after her launch in early 2385.

Decorations: Several minor commendations for courage in the face of danger. Awarded the Starfleet Medal for her actions prior to the destruction of the USS Cairns-A.

Reprimands: Reprimanded and demoted for reckless endangerment of federation personnel and property, following a workbee racing accident.

Personality Profile:

Earlton is serious about her work and mischievous about almost everything else. She loves jokes and pranks and being around people. She can be a little timid when dealing with unknown people or situations. Conversely, she is known to be reckless in some situations, either pushing limits wherever she thinks she can get away with it, or endangering herself for the good of others. She insists that she can't live without technology.

Physical Description:

Although a little under-muscled, Earlton is a fine example of a human female. Her stubbornness and spunkiness is apparent from the glints in her sapphire eyes, and she almost always displays a mischievous smile.

Medical Profile:

No known medical conditions.

Psychological Profile:

Earlton has a tendency to put work before her personal needs. Her personal life seems disorganised at first, but this is revealed to be her own carefully calculated personal system of order. Generally keeps to Starfleet regulations while on duty, however sometimes lapses back into her own organisational system. Generally doesn't like planets, and particularly uncivilised areas, and uncontrolled aspects like weather.

Has shown herself to be loyal, trusting, and brave on many occasions.

Activities aboard the USS Cairns-A suggested possible developing instability. Since reassignment to the Majestic construction team, no further occurences have been noted.


Earlton's mother is Commander Sarah Rosewell. Her father is Captain Russell Earlton. Both are still alive and well, serving and living together on the USS Inverness. She has no siblings, however her living family also includes Dave Earlton, a grandfather she is very fond of, who captains the freighter SS Centauri.




None! Never! No! God no!

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