Welcome To The USS Majestic NX 239748

Welcome To The USS Majestic NX 239748


In 2381 an elite team of engineers and scientists were charged to build a station on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole. The station, a Celestial Class Starbase was completed in late 2384 and moved into position 30 minutes from the exit of the Wormhole. Categorized as a Military Waypoint and Re-supply Facility, its task would be to guard the Wormhole’s entrance and be a home base for the newest fleet of Starfleet. The new Fleet, aptly named Guardian Fleet, have been charged to explore the Gamma Quadrant and to expand the federation’s Knowledge on the sector.

Current Mission: What Lurks Beneath


Among the ships that were assigned to the Station now named Starbase Celestia, is the new USS Majestic, First in her line, the first true Federation explorer built since encountering the Borg.


USS Majestic NX 239748. A new Ship, for a New Era In Exploration.

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