Starfleet Academy Security Branch

Starfleet Academy Security Branch

Security forces provide basic police duties on ship, as well as protective duties to landing parties. Some Security personnel will take additional training as Starfleet Marines.

The Normal Minor field for Security is Communications. The Security Officer (also called the Tactical Officer) is usually expected to operate the ship's communications systems.

This is located in the Surak Building [often unofficially called the "School of the Red-Shirters" for archaic reasons]. This Branch teaches the Security Division cadet all he or she will ever need to know about security. From physical instruction in unarmed combat to the use of every defensive piece of equipment in the Starfleet arsenal. All aspects of security theory and combat strategy are taught, from small unit tactics to starships combat maneuvers. Security College has often been cited as the second hardest school in the Academy after the Command College, due to the physical and mental demands that are simultaneously placed on the cadet. In security school there is rarely a second chance. The current Head of Security College is Vice Admiral Lynx.

Training includes:

* Weapons: Phaser
* Unarmed Combat
* Diplomacy
* Electronics Operations: Phaser Cannons
* Electronics Operations: Security Systems
* Gunner: Phaser Cannon
* Federation Martial Arts: (Anbo-Jytsu)
* Vehicle training
* Small weapons combat
* Psychology: (Terran)
* Survival: (choose)
* Tactics
* Tactics: Small Units

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