Starfleet Academy Intelligence Branch

Starfleet Academy Intelligence Branch

This is the major for Cadets that wish to join the Starfleet Intelligence Service (SFI). Intelligence Cadets study a program which will prepare them for a variety of positions within SFI including field operations, intelligence analysis, SIGINT collection, and many others. Cadets are encouraged to choose a government or organization as a specialty to study during their time at the Academy. Some examples include the Cardassian Union, the Dominion and the Borg.

Intelligence Cadets usually take courses in Communications, Operations or Security, but any other division can be taken as a Minor.

Training includes:

* Cryptanalysis
* Electronics Operations: Communications
* Electronics Operations: Security Systems
* Electronics: Communications
* Electronics: Sensors
* Intelligence Analysis
* Interrogation
* Language: (specialty)
* Pilot: Runabout
* Psychology: (specialty)
* SIGINT Collection/Jamming
* Starfleet Protocol
* Strategy: Space
* Survival: (specialty)
* Tactics: Small Units
* Unarmed Combat
* Weapons: Phaser
* Xenology: (specialty)

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