Starfleet Academy Flight School

Starfleet Academy Flight School

Helm and Navigation personnel provide the ship with pilots and co-pilots. They also provide the ship with experienced Shuttlecraft, Runabout pilots and co-pilots.

Generally, Cadets who Major in Helm/Navigation are Cadets who eventually wish to become Commanders themselves. Those cadets will also wish to attend Command School.

Appropriate Minors include Communications, Operations, and Engineering.

Training includes:

* Astronomy
* Astrogation: Warp Drive
* Astrophysics
* Electronics Operations: Communications
* Electronics Operations: Deflector Shields
* Electronics Operations: Photon Torpedoes
* Electronics Operations: Starship Phasers
* Electronics: Computers
* Electronics: Deflectors
* Gunner: Photon Torpedoes
* Gunner: Starship Phasers
* Leadership
* Pilot: Runabout
* Pilot: Starship
* Strategy: Space
* Subspace Mechanics
* Tactics: Space

Starfleet Academy

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