Sfmc Advanced Special Operations School Asos

SFMC Advanced Special Operations School

There are also specialties within the ASOS school. One such specialty is Scout/Sniper Training. This training teaches advanced reconnaissance, survival, and phaser handling. Those who leave this facility, have the ability to be dropped on a hostile planet in a group of two to four marines, find their target, eliminate their target, and return. The missions usually include intelligence gathering and reconnaissance as well.

This school includes advanced training in the following areas:

* Advanced Phaser Handling
* Advanced Unarmed Combat
* Camouflage
* Communications
* Demolitions
* First Aid
* Fire Support
* Forward Observer
* Gunner: Phaser Cannon
* Guns: Infantry Anti-Vehicle
* Guns: Photon Grenade Launcher
* Interrogation
* Insertion/Extraction
* Navigation
* Orienteering
* Parachuting
* Reconnaissance
* Scuba
* Sketching, Photography, Holography
* Small Weapons Combat
* Swimming
* Tactics: Small Units
* Thruster Suit Ops.
* Vacc Suit Ops.

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