This list is to make the game more fun for all players.

  • 1. The GM and AGM's words are law, though we do negotiate when we are given chocolate:)
  • 2. No quoting Starfleet regulations to the GM or AGM, that is the quickest way to find your character dead or hanging off the warp nacelles sans space suit.
  • 3. No super powered characters (Q like beings will NOT be accepted.) No one can do everything please remember that
  • 4. Play nice children. Constant bickering will not be tolerated.
  • 5. This Simulation is R+ Australian.. MA 17 + American please remember that and if anyone tells me that sex isn't allowed may I direct you to a number of other star trek Simulations that do have it.
  • 6. Please respect the other characters on this Simulation. Failure to do so will result in a warning.. after two warnings you will be asked to leave the Simulation
  • 7. PLEASE do not use others characters without permission. If you need to use their character for a SMALL Part as in you see them or you are borrowing part of their post PLEASE STATE that it is an "Unauthorized" sighting or usage.
  • 8. Please do not break the ship without permission.
  • 9. There is only one other rule. HAVE FUN!
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