SFMC Officer Descriptions

Officers have a higher proportion of ex-NCOs in them than is average for Starfleet. They have worked in another branch of Marines before joining SFMC Special Operations and their "cadet cruise" always involves an operation within Starfleet Intelligence. This is because of the amount of cross branch missions that do occur. They are educated to a very high standard with languages, cultures, covert operations and survival being core subjects. They lack an SFI officers training in the more theory-based covert operations and they do not have training for long deep cover missions. Most of the officers have served terms as military attach├ęs in the Federation's off-world embassies. Sometimes these officers are assigned to Starships and normal Starfleet Marine units as advisers.

Officers receive advanced training in the following areas:

* Administration
* Diplomacy
* Leadership
* Orienteering
* Tactics: Small Units

Marine Corps

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