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SFMC Non-Commissioned Officer Descriptions

NCO's are your career sergeants. They provide training and leadership to the Privates, Specialists, and Technicians in Starfleet Academy. Officers are the real leaders - the power behind the power. All Starfleet Marines can expect to go on missions at any time. There are no distinctions due to rank on missions, except for the usual chain of command. Privates with specialized training may be placed on teams with officers, and officers with NCO's, etc. Starfleet picks the best men for the job ahead.

NCO's are also required to learn different cultures and languages. They often have served as embassy guards in enemy nations. Due to the rigorous entrance standards and the extensive training SFMC Special Ops enjoys one of the highest conversion rates from NCO to commissioned officer. NCO's are often placed on assignment within other service branches including Starfleet Intelligence.

NCO's receive advanced training in the following areas:

* Administration
* Leadership
* Tactics: Small Units

Marine Corps

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