Marine Operations

Starfleet Marine Corps Operations

SFMC operations are indirectly controlled by the Field Marshall. Allowing broad discretionary powers to the field commanders themselves, the Field Marshall is responsible for major and long-term deployments, extended campaigns, and various special tours of duty that do not fall under the jurisdiction of any field command. In doing, the Marine Corps unit commanders are given the power to evaluate and make decisions based on their own observations and calculations rather than having to continually check with their superiors. This by no means allows carte blanche, major decisions which do not fall under the unit's mission must be verified if possible. A Marine unit commander has similar decision powers to a Starship Captain.

On a smaller scale, units deployed aboard a starship operate under a similar, yet somewhat different, method. In addition to reporting to the regiment or battalion command in which the battalion or company serves, the Marine Commanding Officer (MCO) reports directly to the ship's captain. This instant communications and coordination allows both the naval and marine forces aboard the starship to conduct daily operations in a manner equitable to both sides. A starship-bound marine unit receives orders in much the same way. Long-term objectives are assigned by the unit's marine command while the vessel's CO is responsible for assigning short-term objectives. This has proven to be an effective method for those units assigned to serve aboard Starfleet naval vessels and installations.

Once graduated from Starfleet Marine Academy, the Marines officer is promoted to the rank of Leftenant. There is a great deal of animosity between Starfleet naval and marine officers and crew. In short, they don't get along too well. The naval complement thinks the SFMC is home to a bunch of brash, arrogant, trigger-happy folk and the marine complement believes the Starfleet navy to be lax in discipline and training. The marines also believe that the navy takes the work of the SFMC too lightly.

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