Marine Academy

Starfleet Marine Corps Academy

The Starfleet Marine Academy, located on Mars in the Sol system, is similar to Starfleet Academy but specializing only in combat training for the Starfleet Marines Corps. Twenty-fourth century technology, and particularly Holodeck technology, have made it possible to give rank-and-file soldiers the kind of intensive military training that was the sole preserve of special forces units a mere four centuries before. Starfleet Marines are exceptionally well trained and capable, even by Starfleet standards. They are meant to operate primarily on planetary surfaces, both land and water, but are also trained to participate in space-based operations as well. Their skills reflect the fact that they frequently have to operate in a long-range reconnaissance fashion, often with little or no support from Starfleet.

Unlike Naval personnel, Starfleet Marines must meet exacting physical criteria. They are particularly expected to display above-average intelligence along with exceptional endurance and coordination.

The Starfleet Marine Academy is extremely strict and much more militaristic than the Starfleet Academy. While the Starfleet navy tends to maintain order in a loose but firm manner, some have called the Marine Corps' management technique stringent or even harsh. Quite simply, Marine commanders do not tolerate anything less than the absolute best in their men, knowing that to do so would risk the lives of others. There is little room for error in such a dangerous and important field.

Starfleet Marines are given training in the following areas:

* Administration
* Armoury: Beam Weapons
* Astrogation
* Camouflage
* Computer Ops
* Computer Programming
* Demolitions
* Elec. Ops.: Communications
* Elec. Ops.: Sensors
* Elec. Ops.: Transporters
* First Aid
* Forward Observer
* Gunner: Phaser Cannon
* Guns: Infantry Anti-Vehicle
* Guns: Photon Grenade Launcher
* Intelligence Analysis
* Interrogation
* Language: Federation Standard
* Leadership
* Navigation
* Orienteering
* Parachuting
* Phaser Handling
* Pilot: Shuttlecraft
* Powerboats
* Reconnaissance
* Small Weapons Combat
* Survival: Asteroid/Moons - Class I
* Survival: Adaptable Planets - Class K
* Survival: Terrestrial Planets - Class M
* Survival: Pelagic (Water) Planets - Class N
* Starfleet Protocol
* Scuba
* Swimming
* Tactics: Small Units
* Thruster Suit Ops.
* Unarmed Combat (or Anbo-Jytsu)
* Vacc Suit Ops.
* Vehicle Driving

Marine Corps

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