Maggie, Majestic's AI


"Don't Call Me Computer. I have a name!"

Name: Majestic
Nickname: Maggie
Species: Artificial Intelligence Holographic Interface with self evolving programming

Gender: Female*

Personality: As she will evolve so will her personality. She is very helpful and kind, this will not change, but she does seem to have a sense of humor!


Maggie is the holographic manifestation of the Majestic’s computer. While not having direct control of the ship or it's systems, the ship's AI serves as an interface between the live crew and the computer. It's been embedded with a unique personality that's programmed to evolve and learn the crew's preferences and mannerisms. This is make using the ship's computer more efficient and easier to work with the crew. That's the theory anyway…

Maggie was activated when the Majestic was launched. She is an experimental program. Curious and outgoing, She can be in more then one place at any time. She does not however pry into the crew’s personal lives by spying on them. She likes to talk to the crew and get to know them.

  • = Maggie was originally to be called Majestic and was a male avatar, but the CHENG, Removed the Male image and re-programmed the AI so it could only have a female Avatar image. Maggie Chose her current look.
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