Koray Jericho

Name: Koray Surak Jericho


Nickname: Kor
Age: 6
Height: 3'8" (111 cm)
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Date of birth: April 3rd 2379
Place of Birth: USS Highlander
Parents: Serenity ‘Hornet’ Triannth and Kesar Jericho (d)
Siblings: Celene Priscilla Jericho and Raye Clarissa Triannth


First born of twins, Koray is the only son of Serenity and Kesar. He was born on the USS Highlander and was five minutes ahead of his sister Celene.
He was three when Kesar died and the loss of his father hit him hard. He is though the prankster of the family and his sister Celene often follows in his footsteps.

Personality Profile:


Boisterous and such a clown.

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