Katrina Jones

Lieutenant Commander Katrina Jones



Name: Katrina Jones
Nickname/Alias: Trina
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 26, 2347
Place of Birth: USS Maxwell
Age: 38
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Federation Standard, Klingon, Breen
Interests: Engineering, swimming, sports, martial arts
Family Information: Father: Admiral Keith Jones(deceased); Mother: Carol Jones(deceased); Brother: Keith Jones Jr.(35); Sister: Vanessa Jones(33); Son: Qual'tez Jones(10)
Education: Educated on the USS Venue until the age of 18. Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Service Record:

2365-2369: Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
2369-2371: USS Enterprise-D (Engineer; Ensign)
2371-2373: USS Olympus (Asst. Chief Engineer; Ltjg.)
2373-2375: USS Benevolent (Chief Engineer; Lieutenant)
2375-2376: Earth on Leave of Absence
2376-2380: USS Mirage (Chief Engineer; Lieutenant)
2380-2385: Starfleet Academy (Professor of Engineering; Lt. Commander)
2385-Present: USS Majestic (Second Officer; Lt. Commander)

Reprimands: None

Background Section:

General History:

Born in the year 2347, Katrina was the first child of Keith and Carol Jones. Due tot he fact that both her parents were Starfleet Officers, Katrina and her two younger siblings spent much of their childhood on starships or spacestations. Going to the Academy was her main focus growing up. Wanting to follow in her mothers footsteps, at the age of 16 she began studying in engineering aboard the USS Venue, the ship her father was in command of. With this as an advantage and was soon accepted into the academy, which was the happiest moment in her life. The Jones family was always close, but that all changed during the battle of Wolf-359. Katrina was at the academy and her siblings were safe at Starbase 12, when the fleet engaged the Borg. Both her parents died that day aboard the USS Venue.


Even though she was deeply hurt, Katrina used that pain to motivate herself through the academy. Katrina's first assignment was aboard the USS Enterprise-D, where she worked under the leadership of Lt. Commander Leforge. Abard the Enterprise, Katrina quickly became one his favorite enigineer's. While this was going on, her brother Keith had dropped out the academy along with several other students to join the Maquis. When Keith informed Katrina of his descision, she was very upset about situation. In 2371, Jones was transferred to the USS Olympus an Intrepid class starship. It was only a matter of time unitl they got into a skirmish with a few Klingons, in which the ship was unsalvagable and most of the crew killed. Katrina and most of the surviving crew managed to fight their way through the boarding Klingon's to escape to the runabouts that still functioned. They made their escape to DS9 and were rescued by the crew of the Defiant. After recovery from her injuires, Katrina was ordered by starfleet to remain at DS9, until she could be reassigned somewhere. When an opening became available and with a promotion to Lieutenant, Katrina Jones was assigned to the USS Benevolent as the new Chief Engineer.

It wasn't too long afterwards that the Federation went to war with the Dominion. The USS Benevolent, which was supposed to be a medical ship found itself in the middle of many battles. Towards the end of the war Katrina met and had fallen for a Commander Tol'ah who was a Klingon warrior. His ship went into the final battle in orbit of Cardassia, but never returned when his ship was destroyed. Katrina found out several weeks later that she was pregnant with his child. After the birth of her son Qual'tez, she traveled to the Klingon homeworld to introduce him to his family. Tol'ah house refused to accept the child as one of their own and without Tol'ah to stand up for the child, Qual'tez was rejected of his birth right. Needing to get her life back together, Katrina took a years LOA on Earth to focus on motherhood.

After her LOA, Lieutenant Jones was assigned to the USS Mirage as the Chief Engineer. It felt good to be back in her own environment. Four years later, Katrina was offered a job teaching at Starfleet Academy along with a promotion to Lt. Commander. She enjoyed teaching on Earth it gave her chance to an almost normal life and she was able to spend time to visit her younger sister Vanessa who was assigned to the Utopia Planetia. In 2382, her brother Keith who she hadn't seen since the Dominion War came to see her. After a long talk the two forgave each other for all the things that happened in the past.


Qual'tez who looks more human than Klingon within the last few months have been eager to visit the Klingon homeworld. Katrina has always worried that this day would come, since there hasn't been really any Klingons on Earth. Its been hard for him to know what its like to be Klingon. When Lt. Commander Jones heard about the Starbase Celestia, she put in for the assignment and was given the Second Officer position on the USS Majestic. Though its not an Engineer position, Katrina is eager and has decided that she wants to be on the command track in her career.

Personality Profile:

Gets along well with others and major team player. Always eager to get work done. Hard at times, when stressed out. Loyalty to her crew, friends, and especially family.

Special Notes: None

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