Josephine Carter Davis

Name: Josephine Elizabeth Carter
Nickname: Josie or Jo
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5feet 9inches
Weight: 65kg
Date Of Birth: 5th July 2348
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Paris, France, Earth.
Interests: Hiking, Books, her daughter, holo-decks and fine French cuisine, her husband, though she hates football.
Languages: Standard, French, Italian, Vulcan, Cardassian, Klingon


2353-2358: The Charles De Gaulle Primary School in Paris
2359-2364: The Charles De Gaulle Lycee In Paris
2365-2369: Cadet at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Record:

Service Record:

2365-2369: Cadet at Starfleet Academy.

2370-2372: Ensign, Tactical officer, USS Carlyle

2372-2373: Lt (JG), USS Carlyle.

2373-2374: Lieutenant, Assistant chief of tactical, USS Gregory

2374-2375: Lt Commander, Chief tactical Officer, USS Gregory

2375-2376: Commander , First officer, USS Gregory.

2377- 2377: Captain, Given command of the Sovereign class vessel USS Cairns

2377-2378: Fleet Captain, USS Cairns, 5th fleet

2378- 2378: MIA, Presumed dead. Starfleet Intelligence Mission. Classified.

2379-2380: Commodore, Commanding officer, USS Cairns, 5th Fleet

2381-2383: Commodore, Commanding Officer, USS Cairns A

2384-2384: Commodore, Starbase 747

2385-: Rear Admiral, head of Guardian Fleet Operations


2373: Promoted to Lieutenant, and cited for bravery beyond the call of Duty.

2379: Starfleet Ten Year Service Award

Reprimands: 2381- reprimanded for destroying the original USS Cairns.

General History:

Josie was born to Catherine and Paul Carter, a rich upper class couple both of who were in Starfleet, her father an officer and her mother a diplomat, in Paris General Hospital on the 5th, July 2348. She had two older brothers Carlos and Gerald and when she was one her mother gave birth to her younger brother Martin. Growing up surrounded by brothers Josie was considered a tomboy and could often be seen in jeans and tee-shirts.

During her years at her Lycee in Paris Josie took courses that made her teachers despair at her ever becoming a lady, When she finished her BAC in 2364 she was offered a place at the Starfleet Academy.

Her two older brothers , then 18 and 20 respectfully, had both moved into the area of science and medicine, both were succeeding at their chosen professions. Josie chose to take the entrance exam and passed it the first time around.
When she entered the academy Josie chose tactical as her major and spent as much of her spare time in the Holodecks training as possible. This of course made her kind of an outcast among the other female students and she rarely socialized with them. Josie soon got a reputation for being a shy young woman.

But that soon changed. During her second year at the academy Josie meet a young Cadet by the name of James Carlaw. He was majoring in Tactical as well and they soon became firm friends. After a year of casual friendship their relationship progressed to the lover stage and two months before graduation Josie found out she was pregnant. She had some hard choices to make and she made them with out James' knowledge. It was also during this relationship that Josie had a one night stand with Deiran Casey.

After Graduation she broke all contact with him and was soon posted on board the USS Carlyle an Intrepid class ship on duty in the Beta Quadrant. Nearly six months after she arrived on the Carlyle she gave birth to her daughter Justine Catherine Carter born the 2nd, June 2370.
James never knew that he had a daughter. Her parents took care of Justine until Justine's fifth birthday when Josie, missing her child and hating the fact that she only got to see Justine once or twice every year, took her with her when she changed ships and was promoted to Assistant head of the Tactical department on the USS Gregory.

On Justine's sixth birthday James waltzed back into Josie's life. He had been transferred from the USS Firestorm to the tactical department on the USS Gregory . Josie tried hard to keep him from finding out about Justine and she succeeded for about a week. James had decided to stop and speak with Josie on day after his shift and Justine had opened to door. When asked who's child she was Justine not knowing any better said "My Mother is the first officer on this ship." Needless to say this floored James and when Josie came running out of her bedroom to find out who was at the door she was met with a barrage of questions.

Josie sent Justine to stay with friends and James and her talked for hours. After they had finished James announced that he would sue for custody of Justine and make sure Josie got no visitation rights at all. Josie fought James in court and won full custody of Justine and James was not granted any Visitation rights. James was mad at this and swore that Josie would regret what she had done to him.

Josie lived in constant fear, for many years, that he might come and take Justine forcibly away from her, though she has sworn that it'll never happen.

In 2377 Josie and Justine moved on board the USS Cairns when Josie got promoted and given her own command. Justine was a smiling seven year old girl with long Brown hair like her mother and brown eyes that comes from her father. In 2377 Josie met Marius Marideus and they soon became lovers and He adopted Justine as his own daughter.

In late 2377, Jo divorced Marius and he passed away shortly before the proceedings could be complete, leaving her a widow. She also discovered that her assumptions concerning James as Justine's father were wrong and that her one night stand with Deiran Casey had resulted in Justine.

In 2378, Jo was assigned to a top secret mission which resulted in her being MIA and the K.I.A. for nearly 9 months.

When she was rescued she was a paraplegic and had to undergo many surgeries, one of which gave her back her ability to walk.

In 2379, Jo was returned to active duty on the USS Cairns. It was here that her personal and professional lives again merged and she found herself a struggling single mother with a daughter and a new relationship which was both loving and volatile.

The Cairns then undertook a mission to New Caledonia where she and Diplomat James Davis, continued their relationship amid the chaos and forged a new understanding of each other. She and the Cairns have since returned to federation space, though some are not as whole as they once were.. and for the future.. no one knows.. it was also here where she was forced into marriage with said man by her father. Though the start was rocky, their lives have settled down somewhat.

Their next assignment was leave on Risa. There they ran into a bit of chaos which cut any R&R short.

Then they were transferred to the ‘GATE’ A section in space where safe passage was granted through the romulan neutral zone for authorized ships. Here the cairns experienced a number of crew changes as well as many other problems, some which mystified the crew.

After the ‘Gate’ the Cairns retreated to a Starbase for repairs before heading to Romulus for a diplomatic mission. There, Josie found herself relaxed though most of her crew was tense. The relaxation never lasts on the Cairns and it did not this time.

Insurgents attacked the romulan government but their efforts were thwarted by the Cairns crew and the loyalists though at a heavy cost. Josie was forced to destroy her ship. She evacuated the crew and before evacuating herself, she programmed the Cairns to warp into the centre of the last remaining enemy warbird, destroying it and the Cairns in the process.

Upon their return to the Federation, she underwent debriefing and was almost demoted and put at a desk.

But, narrowly avoiding that, she was re-assigned to the newest ship to bare the name Cairns. The USS Cairns-A.

Josie moves into the year 2381 with her gaze firmly fixed on making this year one without trouble and death. A new ship, was her chance to change the bad history of its predecessor.

In 2382 she was transferred to Starbase 747. She now runs it and awaits her former command’s return.

Personality Profile:

Josie is very protective of her daughter and is content to stay at home when she is not on duty and spend time with her child and husband. Josie may seem shy and reserved but as the crewmen and women who work under her know, she is anything but soft when it comes to her job. Josie is often seen reading a book or using the holodeck. When she is out socializing she is often reserved until she knows someone. She is hardworking and loyal to those she considers friends and family.

Physical Profile:

Josie has long black hair which she always wears in a braid down her back. She has tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She is tall and thin. Most of her body is muscle as she spends lots of time working out and the like.

"Has avoided Sick bay as if it has the plague. No amount of coercing can get Jo into Medical bay. Short of knocking that stubborn officer on her butt or getting an Admiral's order, she will continue to avoid it until her body collapses. Even then keeping her in for anything longer then an hour takes a force field and Sedation. Suffers from a rare illness called Xenopolycythemia. Disease in humanoids characterized by an abnormal proliferation of red blood cells causing varied symptoms including weakness, fatigue, enlarged spleen, and pain in the extremities. Often brought on by extreme stress and anxiety."

Commander Jenny Kyler, Chief Medical officer of the USS Gregory.

Psychological Profile:

"Determined and headstrong, as well as stubborn are word that come to mind when talking to Josephine Carter. A competent Officer and Mother. She blends both jobs and still manages to find time for her fellow officers in her department as well as ship wide."

Commander Jeffery Helsdown, Chief Counselor on the USS Gregory.

Family Information:

Mother: Catherine Maria Bridger- Carter
Father: Paul Eric Carter
Siblings: Carlos, 41, married to Helena, 3 children. Matthew 20, Katrina 16 and Kelly,16.
Gerald, 37, married to Susan, one child, Jason 19
Martin, 35, married to Gillian, 2 children. Eric, 18 and Jessica, 15
James Carlaw, Deceased, Murdered by Section 31 operative. 2379
Deiran Casey, biological Father of Justine, (No marriage) Commanding Officer, USS Constitution

Marius Marideus, Adoptive Father of Justine. (Married 2378-2378) Killed by Alien race.

Current Partner: James Davis, (Married in Secret, November, 25th, 2379)

Children: Justine Catherine Carter-Casey, 13
Patrick Wyatt Davis (newborn)Mitchell Stuart Davis (newborn)

Special Notes:

Likes: Hot Chocolate and Escargot in garlic sauce.
Dislikes: Slackers and Anything to do with medical exams.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite Flower: Cooktown orchid.

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