James Davis

Name: James Davis

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 220 lbs

Date Of Birth: 15th March 2350

Age: 31

Place of Birth: Canton, Ohio

Interests: Swimming, reading, Tri-D chess, Cooking, and most sports, including Football (Gridiron).

Languages: Standard, Italian, French, Vulcan, Cardassian, Klingon


2352-2356: Private school in Ohio

2357-2361: Private school in Worcester Massachussets

Starfleet Record:

Service Record:

2362-2366: Academy

2367-2372: Starfleet command

2373-2375: USS Leningrad

2376-2376: USS Constantanople

2376-2379: Ambassador to the Klingons

2379-Present: USS Cairns

Decorations: None

Reprimands: None


General History:

When he was younger he lived at home for a few years attending grade school, but once he reached junior high he was sent away to boarding school which he attended until he entered college. Where he was reunited with his brother they played football together until they graduated. James went into Starfleet and his brother went into the merchant fleet.

After graduation James was assigned to a hostage negotiation squad. He served many years without fail out of many different situations he was able to safely rescue many hostages in crisis. His last mission as a negotiator was going well it was dealing with freighter that had been attacked by smugglers. James didn’t know that his brother was on the freighter. Half way through the negotiations things took a turn for the worst. The smugglers killed one of the hostages, James then lost control of the operation and Starfleet went in. Once the dust had settled James found out that his brother had been one of the hostages, and worse still had been the one that was killed. It shook him to the core, and when his superiors tried to get him to go back to work within the next few days he walked away from Starfleet. He ended up becoming an ambassador since he could talk his way around almost any situations. He has been very good, but his brother’s death still haunts him, and he coaches in the holo deck to remember the game that he and his brother shared so much passion for. It brings him back to his brother, but it doesn’t keep the demons away. He acts aloof and carefree because of what the Starfleet tried to push onto him. He was recently transferred to the Cairns, though he did not ask for it, so it seems that Starfleet screwed him again.

Personality Profile: He is aloof at times but that is to hide a deeper pain which he reveals to those who need to know no one else. He is rather calm though can be rash, and always enjoys a good time. He can be found on the holo-deck coaching his old college and high school football teams. This is where he feels closest to the memory of his brother, and the best times that they had in life.

Physical Profile: He is built like a linebacker or fullback. Broad shoulders, muscled legs, decent arms, tall and can move with more agility than someone would think he would have. Also can be a brick wall, but doesn’t exactly like doing that.

Psychological Profile: He is aloof and casual, he can be very thick headed when in negations but when around Starfleet officers he is more aloof because of what happened. He is happy for the most part, thought he is still scared by his brother’s death, and he has nightmares periodically. The day after one he is usually quite and distant, and can be found in the holo-deck, coaching as he tries to forget the nightmare.

Family Information:


Mother: Jillian Davis

Father: Stephen Davis

Siblings: Brother William Davis - deceased (killed in hostage situation)

Partners: Josephine Carter Davis (Married in Secret, November, 25th, 2379)

Children: Patrick Wyatt Davis (newborn)Mitchell Stuart Davis (newborn) Special Notes:

Loves Football so don’t get him started.

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