Elizabeth Goodhead

Name: Elizabeth Santa-Maria Goodhead
Nickname: Lily
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4f
Weight: 38kgs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Date Of Birth: December 7, 2372
Age: 13
Place of Birth: San Fransisco, California, US, Earth
Interests: swimming, animals (especially marine ones), socializing
with friends, surfing
Languages: Federation Standard, Spanish.
Education: Normal Schooling aboard whatever ship or station her mum is at

Starfleet Record:

2374 to 2377
USS Victorious

San Francisco

Year long holiday

2379 to 2380
USS Cairns

2380 to 2381
San Francisco

2382 to 2384
USS Katmandu

2384 to 2385
USS Andromeda

USS Majestic


Elizabeth, or Lily as she goes by, was born to Joseph Sanchez and his
wife, Holly, in 2372. Her parents had divorced shortly before she was
born due to her father's drinking and abuse problem, so she didn't
really get to know him.

She had a happy early childhood, thanks to Holly and Claire, who her
Mum met while on the Victorious. She doesn't really much of her
earliest life in San Francisco nor much aboard the Victorious. To
Lily, Claire has been her life for pretty much all of it.

Due to Starfleet, her early life was disrupted fairly often as her
mum moved through different postings, but she made new friends easily
& has kept in contact with older friends. The crews were wonderful,
and she learnt how to swim while aboard the Victorious.

When she was 6, Holly and Claire took her on a trip to a number of
Federation member worlds. She learnt to snorkel then scuba-dive when
they visited a wonderful alien world.

When Lily was 11 and aboard the USS Katmandu, Holly and Claire became
married. Lily was very happy, and was one of the brides-maids. She
doesn't mind having two mums instead of a mum & dad. Both of her
'parents' care for her, and try to do their best to make moving
around the least disruptive for her.

Lily got two pet turtles, one male named Jack and one female named
Jenny, while aboard the ship when she showed interest in marine
animals & her parents thought she could handle it.

The best posting that they went on in Lily's opinion was the USS
Andromeda, the ship that Claire commanded for Temporal
Investigations. Although she was pretty much restricted to the ship
when operating in another time zone, there were a number of times
that she was allowed to venture out in different periods under
intense supervision.

The teachers in the Andromeda school room used to try and tailor some
of the lessons to the periods that the ship was in, and the children
including Lily really enjoyed that.

When the incident with the Andorians happened, Lily tried her best to
help out, but she felt quite useless despite what her mum and Claire said.

Since her mum and Claire have been reassigned & Lily isn't an adult
yet, she has been brought along with them to their latest posting,
the USS Majestic.

Lily has accepted being uprooted again, and hopes that this next
posting will be as good as the Andromeda. But she doubts anything can
make up for a time-travelling ship.

Any arguments were silenced when Claire brought home a cute &
mischievious 'little bundle of fluff' tabby kitten, which Lily has named Belle.

Personality Profile:
Lily has a kind personality, and makes friends quite easily. She is
quite easy-going and laid-back. But has a quirky sense of humor.

She copes with school, but isn't good with mathematics really. She
tends to be very talkative, and is always getting in trouble somehow.
She has a habit of making goofy face or rolling her eyes at
inappropriate times, which makes things worse.

She doesn't really like snobs, and tends to put them down.

When she gets annoyed at her mum, she tends to lash out spitefully
and deliberately make a mess to abuse her mum's OCD.

Physical Profile:
Lily is about average height and weight for her age.

She has long brown hair that she doesn't really tie up and goes down
to her shoulders, kept of her face by hair bands.

Family Information:
Mother: Holly Goodhead
Father: Joseph Sanchez
Adoptive 'Aunt'/'Mother': Claire Barnes
Grandparents : Grace Barnes, George Barnes (D), Selena Goodhead,
Matthew Goodhead
Pet: 2 x 3 yr old turtles (Jack and Jenny), 1 mischievious 8 month
old tabby kitten named Belle

Special Notes:
Lily wants to become a marine scientist or a xeno-biologist when she
grows up, possibly specializing in veterinary science too.

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