Crew Manifest

Crew Manifest
Command Officers Posting Name
r-o6.png Commanding Officer Sorcha O'Neill
r-o5.png Executive Officer Jean-Pierre Carey
r-o4.png Second Officer Katrina Jones
r-e9b.png Command Master Chief Available
r-blank.png Majestic AI Maggie
Security Department Posting Name
s-o4.png Chief Of Security Claire Barnes
s-o3.png Assistant Chief of Security Serenity Triannth
s-o3.png Security Officer Jules Davies
s-o3.png Security Officer James Ackron
s-o3.png Security Officer Sue Storm
s-o2.png Security Officer Ben Mercedes
s-o2.png Security Officer Derek Swallows
s-o2.png Security Officer Bull Gant
s-o2.png Security Officer Penelope Darrow
s-o2.png Security Officer Jim Kraft
s-o2.png Security Officer Dale McKillock
s-o2.png Security Officer Gene Gusman
s-o1.png Security Officer Sam Shepard
s-o1.png Security Officer Dutch Heffron
s-o1.png Security Officer Daniel Nire
s-o1.png Security Officer Sam Novan
s-o1.png Security Officer Trent Station
s-o1.png Security Officer Athena Annunaki
s-o1.png Security Officer Calle Dulovic
s-o1.png Security Officer Bolen Jiktar
s-o1.png Security Officer Verena Varik
s-o1.png Security Officer Darren Ya'qul
s-o1.png Security Officer Gren Webb
s-o1.png Security Officer Mitch Adams
s-o1.png Security Officer Heana Farriman
s-e8.png Security Officer Calipse Mcknight
s-e7.png Security Officer Norin Morningstar
s-e7.png Security Officer Reiko Bokiana
s-e7.png Security Officer Towan Synnott
s-e6.png Security Officer Damon Pic
s-e6.png Security Officer Tarash Nasscal
s-e6.png Security Officer Grace Tye
s-e6.png Security Officer Freya Lectrac
s-e6.png Security Officer Ruby Komad
s-e6.png Security Officer Athaka Zess
s-e5.png Security Officer Kash Halcyon
s-e4.png Security Officer Jana Lokar
s-e4.png Security Officer Lexi Andrews
s-e4.png Security Officer Mossi Mattac
s-e4.png Security Officer T'iana Crescent
s-e3.png Security Officer Yasinda Amadis
s-e3.png Security Officer Pranay Brotingo
s-e3.png Security Officer Siennaa Doim
s-e3.png Security Officer Shinnan Jade
s-e2.png Security Officer Saani Rourke
s-e2.png Security Officer Jubei E'ron
s-e2.png Security Officer Miri Solon
s-e2.png Security Officer Malcolm Archer
s-e2.png Security Officer Stephen Kylini
s-e1.png Security Officer Lor Anders
s-w3.png Security Officer Corbin Sundown
s-w2.png Security Officer Rika Sunrider
s-w2.png Security Officer Cole Amitey
s-w2.png Security Officer Bobi Danodel
s-w2.png Security Officer Megara Rex
s-w1.png Security Officer Risha Pax
s-w1.png Security Officer Jonathan Varm
s-w1.png Security Officer Ben Buphi
s-c4.png Security Cadet Hannah Reyal
s-c4.png Security Cadet Kytana Starr
Tactical Department Posting Name
u-o3.png Chief Of Tactical Available
u-o3.png Assistant Chief Of Tactical Available
Engineering Department Posting Name
y-o4.png Chief Engineer Marc Serynne
y-o4.png Assistant Chief Engineer Stephanie Earlton
Medical Department Posting Name
t-o4.png Chief Of Medical N'Nuk Cy
t-o3.png Assistant Chief Of Medical Available
t-o3.png Head Nurse Fleur Antilles-Mayweather
t-o2.png Medical Officer Holly Goodhead
Operations Department Posting Name
p-o3.png Chief Of Operations Available
p-o3.png Assistant Chief Operations Officer Available
p-o2.png Operations Officer Jorge Nelson
p-o2.png Operations Officer Ronny Bishop
p-o2.png Operations Officer Miriam Wolfe
p-o2.png Operations Officer Sarah Keller
p-o2.png Operations Officer Sheri Farmer
p-o2.png Operations Officer Simone Bowman
p-o2.png Operations Officer Malik Ellis
p-o2.png Operations Officer Marissa Mercado
p-o2.png Operations Officer Anderson Hudson
p-o1.png Operations Officer Lillian Diaz
p-o1.png Operations Officer Jared Mcgee
p-o1.png Operations Officer Derick Bell
p-o1.png Operations Officer Janette Wilson
p-e8.png Quartermaster Timothy Watson
p-e7.png Quartermaster Raymon Rivas
p-e5.png Yeoman Preston Hartman
p-e4.png Yeoman Keneth Perry
p-e3.png Yeoman Edwina Burt
p-e2.png Yeoman Carrol Daniel
p-w4.png Boatswain Marlon Booker
p-w3.png Boatswain’s Mate Tyrell Mann
p-w2.png Boatswain’s Mate Von Meyers
p-w1.png Boatswain’s Mate Miriam Herring
p-w1.png Boatswain’s Mate Goldie Simon
Counseling Department Posting Name
t2-o3.png Chief Counselor Senior Officers/Civilians Jolene Harker
t2-o3.png Assistant Chief Counselor/ Engineering/Flight Control T'Duni
t2-o2.png Counselor/ Medical/Science Chen Ming
t2-o2.png Counselor/ Security/Tactical Dylan Reins
g-o2.png 1st Platoon Medic/Counselor Chari Alyssa
t2-o1.png Counselor/ Child Psychology Nikita Andrews
t2-o1.png Counselor/ Operations/Intel Heidi Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
t2-e1.png Receptionist Genna Avery
Flight Control Department Posting Name
d2-o3.png Chief Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o3.png Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o2.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o2.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o2.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o1.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o1.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o1.png Flight Control Officer Available
d2-o3.png Shuttlebay Manager Available
d2-o2.png Interceptor Pilot/Wing Leader- Sentinel Flight Available
d2-o2.png Interceptor Pilot/Wing XO-Sentinel Flight Available
d2-o1.png Interceptor Pilot- Sentinel Flight Available
d2-o1.png Interceptor Pilot-Sentinel Flight Available
d2-o3.png Chief Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o2.png Assistant Chief Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o2.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o2.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o2.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o2.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o1.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o1.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o1.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o1.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
d2-o1.png Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot Available
Science Department Position Name
n-o3.png Chief Science Officer Jessica Bannon
n-o2.png Assistant Chief Science Officer Eric Morgan
n-o2.png R&D Specialist T’Vlar
n-o2.png Stellar Cartography Specialist Miran Hennessy
n-o2.png General Science officer James Jackson
n-o2.png Xenobiology Specialist Sorjei Idrani
n-o2.png Astrometrics Specialist Susan Hendendez
n-o2.png Stellar Cartography Specialist Hayleigh Jones
n-o2.png Archeologist Sovak
n-o1.png R&D Specialist Henry Stuart
n-o1.png Astrometrics Specialist Julie Leethen
n-o1.png Xenobiology Specialist Candar Moriden
n-o1.png R&D Specialist Hars Mot
n-o1.png General Science officer T’Loth
n-o1.png Astrometrics Specialist S’Veralis t’Nairrehk
n-e8.png Stellar Cartography Specialist Kestra Tam
n-e7.png R&D Specialist T’aliss
n-e6.png Laboratory technician Jemma Hagan
n-e6.png Laboratory technician Kyle Grax
n-e5.png Astrometrics Specialist Trix
n-e3.png Stellar Cartography Specialist Dura Koquasi
Intelligence Department Posting Name
R-M-S1-Cent.jpg Chief Of Intelligence Officer Thei tr’Solkar
w-o2.png Assistant Chief Intell Available
Marine Department Posting Name
g-o4.png MARDETCOM Nadya Caldararu
g-o4.png MARDETXO Craig Kyler
g-o3.png Fighter Pilot Leader Nathaniel Robinson
g-o2.png Assistant Fighter Pilot Yuzda
g-o2.png Company Chief Combat Medic Harold Armstrong
g-o2.png Heavy Weapons Specialist V’okar
g-o2.png Communications Specialist Patrick Hennesy
g-o2.png Communications Specialist Terry Blake
g-o2.png Fighter Mechanic Miles Bithynia
g-o2.png Fighter Mechanic Roman Helios
g-o2.png Engineer Cassey Henderson
g-o2.png Battlefield Evacuation Medic K’Lar
g-o2.png Quartermaster Kyle Matheson
g-o2.png 1st Platoon Medic/Counselor Chari Alyssa
g-o2.png 2nd Platoon Medic Jasmine Michaels
g-o2.png Heavy Weapons Specialist Serena Tsukino
g-o2.png Bomb Specialist James Henderson
g-o2.png Bomb Specialist Sadek
g-o2.png Platoon Commander Jessica Hardens
g-o2.png Platoon Commander Miles Lyson
g-o1.png Fighter Pilot Ethan Shoran
g-o1.png Fighter Pilot Elena Hamilton
g-e9a.png Sergeant Major Chari Xylander
g-e9.png Sergeant-Squad Leader Mek'tor
g-e9.png Sergeant-Squad Leader Kullor
g-e5.png Fighter Mechanic Organa Liea
g-e5.png Spec Ops-Squad Leader Jessica Hamill
g-e5.png Sergeant-Squad Leader Kenik
g-e5.png Sergeant-Squad Leader Jasmine Kyle
g-e5.png Sergeant-Squad Leader Sinak
g-e3.png Spec Ops Sniper Mendon
g-e3.png 2nd Platoon Medic Bek
g-e3.png Engineer Joseph Johns
g-e3.png Engineer Tholos
g-e3.png Heavy Weapons Specialist Avyril Davis
g-e3.png Sniper Keval
g-e3.png Sniper P'Trell, Ghee
g-e3.png Sniper Rex Locke
g-e3.png Sniper Scott Taylor
g-e3.png Sniper K'Val
g-e3.png Sniper Nery Lina
g-e3.png Sniper Tholos
g-e3.png Sniper Thon
g-e3.png Sniper Priscilla Heath
g-e3.png Sniper Qua'lon
g-e3.png Sniper Julian Hardens
g-e2.png Marine Peter Henderson
g-e2.png Marine Mark Fransden
g-e2.png Marine Dever Julian
g-e2.png Marine Mot
g-e2.png Marine Tokk
g-e2.png Marine Ro Jarrad
g-e2.png Spec Ops Counter-Mobility Sadek
g-e2.png Spec Ops Marine Michael Jones
g-e2.png Spec Ops Marine Jolene Cubis
g-e2.png Spec Ops Marine Shawn Hansen
g-e2.png Spec Ops Marine Tarah
g-e2.png Spec Ops Marine Christopher Miles
g-e2.png Marine Sarahd
g-e2.png Marine Shran, Thy'lek
g-e2.png Marine Shras
g-e2.png Marine Shres
g-e2.png Marine Talla (half Aenar)
g-e2.png Marine Talas
g-e2.png Marine Gene Prince
g-e2.png Marine Telev
g-e2.png Marine Thelin
g-e2.png Marine Miles Hassen
g-e2.png Marine Robert Harris
g-e2.png Marine Sinek
g-e2.png Marine Yrshama Dallah
g-e1.png Spec Ops Marine Michelle Johnson
g-e1.png 1st Platoon Medic Aethretun
g-e1.png Marine T'Pring
g-e1.png Marine Katogh
g-e1.png Marine Erib
g-e1.png Marine Sybok
g-e1.png Marine Gaila
g-e1.png Marine T'Lar
g-e1.png Marine T'Varen
g-e1.png Marine Kretorg
g-e1.png Marine Randal Gerald Thorne
g-e1.png Marine Qizten
g-e1.png Marine Lindsay Lohan
g-w4.png Senior NCO Setrik
g-w4.png Senior NCO S'Veralis
g-w3.png Spec Ops Medic Shiarrael t’Handak
g-w2.png Assistant Quartermaster Synergic Ketene
g-w2.png Heavy Weapons Specialist Raelin Cater
g-w1.png Battlefield Evacuation Medic Harmon Birtel
Civilian Personnel Age Name
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 14 Elizabeth Goodhead
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 12 Niamh O'Neill-Morgan
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 11 Raye Triannth
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 10 Qual'tez Jones
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 10 Kasey O’Neill-Morgan
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 7 Alasdair O’Neill
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 7 Alana O’Neill
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 6 Koray Jericho
civ2.png Civilian Child, Age 6 Celene Jericho
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