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This is a non - profit, play by email (PBeM) online Role Playing Game. Based upon STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry. This game's only purpose is for the enjoyment of it's players.

"We understand fans' desire to communicate and share information about Star Trek and we support fan-created Web sites." - David Wertheimer President, Paramount Digital Entertainment

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• Spelling and Grammatical Errors in biographies and names. Copied exactly from the main website.

"The grades and rank names that go with each rank image are the opinion of Kuro-RPG, and are not etched in stone. The rank users are entitled to name them however they wish."

The rank insignias on this site where created by Steven Marriott (ku.oc.saingisni-gpr|ttoirrams#ku.oc.saingisni-gpr|ttoirrams) , originally for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy the images. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy either access the Tango Fleet Website, or visit the RPG-Insignias Website. You will find all the information you need on these, and many other insignia images. Steve is more than happy to pass along his work to anyone who takes the time to simply ask.”

Various Starship Meshes and Information:

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