Conall Stuart

Ensign Conall Stuart


Basic Information:
Name: Conall Stuart
Nickname: Fixit
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 240 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Date Of Birth: October 28, 2355
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

Interests and Skills: mechanics, electronics, holographics, tinkering, drinking & distilling Scotch Whisky, clock-making, bagpipes, Highland dancing, claymores & swords, hammers (not the wussy small ones - the great big two-handed mallet ones), pounding the snot of of the English and the Froggies with the great big two-handed mallet ones, Scottish history & heritage

Languages: Scottish, Welsh, Federation Standard (not that bastard E name), French, Klingon, Naussican

- various primary and secondary schools
- starfleet academy as part of a delinquent program for disaffected youth

Federation Record:

Service Record:

2373 to 2377, Cadet, Engineering - Starfleet Academy
2377 to 2380, Ensign, Engineer - USS Astrid
2380 to 2381, Lt JG, Engineer - USS Astrid
2381 to 2383, Lt, Assistant Chief Engineer - USS Astrid
2383 to 2384, Cmdr, Chief Engineer - USS Astrid
2384 to 2385, Ensign, Engineer - USS Mercury
2385 to pres, Ensign, Engineer - USS Majestic



Conall was born in the city of Inverness, unofficial capital of the Scottish Highlands. His family is that of the Stuarts, a clan with long cultural heritage and once the monarchical rulers of Scotland & for a time, England.

His father was a distiller, and ran a number of distilleries across Scotland - one of which is The Old Pulteney Distillery, an aging malt whisky production and facility in the coastal town of Wick, Scotland in the Pulteneytown district. His mother was a school teacher, and he has a younger sister named Jenny - two years younger.

Growing up in the Scottish highlands was a wonderful experience for a child, and he was brought up in the traditional ways. He learnt to play the bagpipes, wore kilts and even learnt blacksmithing. As a young child, he was always curious about how things worked, and showed a flair for anything mechanical.

As he grew up, he also began showing a flair for anything shady or shifty, and became a bit of a bully to the weaker children at school. He was very charismatic, and ruled with a gang.

When he finished high school, he ran away after a big fight with his parents. He drifted around, moving to Edinburgh where he worked as a tradesman. He got in with the wrong crowd, and after two years, he was arrested for criminal offences.

A man who was visiting the courthouse put forward a novel idea, and the judge showed leniency. The man had worked as an engineer aboard a Starfleet vessel, and with his contacts, he could get Conal admitted to Starfleet instead of prison.

Conall wasn't really sure, but eventually, the man convinced him to give it a go. In the end, it gave Conall a purpose in life - something that he had been looking for.

After four years of study, Conall graduated with high marks as an engineer, specialising in transporters, replicators & holodecks, and was assigned to the USS Astrid, a Sovereign class vessel. During the Academy time, he made up with his parents.

He did well on the Astrid and was promoted up through the ranks over five years, eventually becoming the chief engineer.

Nine months later, he recieved terrible news. His father had died of a heart attack, and it hit him quite hard. He began drinking, and his performance dropped. It culminated when he beat up the Chief of Security, leaving the man in Sickbay for over a month.

Conall was demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and sent to another ship - the USS Mercury. A year later when the Mercury was decommissioned, he was transferred to the USS Majestic to replace engineers lost in a mission.

Personality & Psychological Profile:
Conall is quite charismatic, yet comes off as a brazen, roudy & loud brute at times. Conall delights in female company and drink, making him a bit of a womaniser. Because of his history and upbringing, it takes a huge amount to get him drunk - something he doesn't allow.

He delights in treating the English and French badly - thinks the same of the Canadians and any french speakers actually. He won't let others treat him badly, and hates bullies or those who try to intimidate others.

Despite all his faults, he is a devout member of the Church of Scotland, known as The Kirk (Scottish for church). He hates Catholics though, and treats them like the English. He can also be quite romantic when he choses to.

He loves his sister, Jenny, and his mother, Mary, and would protect them with his life. It saddens him that he caused so much grief to his family, and is grateful that they forgave his roguish ways. He is also grateful that he joined Starfleet, and that it turned him around, but is annoyed at himself still that he messed up on the Astrid.

Physical Profile:
Connall is very tall, and solidly built. He has deep black hair, and has a full beard & moustache. A fellow officer commented once that he fit the description of Blackbeard to a T. Connal is a quite agile and a good dancer.

Family Information:
Father - Edward Stuart (deceased)
Mother - Mary Stuart (48, alive in Inverness but retired)
Siblings - Jenny Macdonald (nee Stuart, 28 - Lawyer)
Children - None

Special Notes:

Conall's engineering specialties are around the building, maintenance and repair of transporter-based systems, including replicators and the holodecks & grid. In addition, he learnt how to write and modify the computer language used by Starfleet computers to deal with the holographic imagery subsystem.

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